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YouTube Reaction Videos: Tank The Tech

In an earlier blog I wrote about song reaction videos on YouTube. One of my favorite reaction video creators is Tank The Tech. Tank is a veteran concert roadie and touring guitar tech. He has been posting reaction videos since 2020. Some of the bands that Tank has worked with in some capacity include: Dustin Lynch, Faith No More, Foo Fighters, Journey, Lifehouse, Nick Jonas, Nickelback, Parmalee, Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, Red, Sick Puppies, Van Halen, Walk Off The Earth, and more.

As an experienced concert roadie, Tank provides a very interesting commentary on his reaction videos compared to other reaction video creators. Tank comments on the band's gear, instruments, stage props, pyrotechnics and other aspects of the concert performance. This makes his reaction videos unique as most other reaction videos tend to focus on the vocals, the performances of the musicians and/or a critique of the song itself. Tank is very enthusiastic in his videos, and this not only makes his videos more entertaining, but it also makes you want to check out the song more on your own.

In the previous blog I featured "The Day That The World Breaks Down" by Ayreon. Tank did an awesome reaction video about this song that was very enjoyable to watch. Here is the link to Tank's reaction video:

Here is the link to the Tank The Tech YouTube Channel:

More YouTube Reaction Video Creators and Videos will be featured in future blogs right here on Harper Metal News!

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