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Support Your Favorite Musician during the Pandemic (Part 2)

Giving private music lessons is also something that many musicians do on the side as a means to supplement their income. For example, if you play guitar, check out your favorite guitarist’s website or social media. There is a decent chance that you will find that you can take a guitar lesson or lessons from them. Oftentimes these lessons are offered remotely through Zoom, Skype or something else similar. So you aren’t limited geographically to only people in your hometown. And you may be surprised to find that their rates are quite reasonable considering that you are getting private access to them for a half hour or an hour. Not only is this an awesome way to improve your playing skills, but it is also a fantastic way to personally interact on a one on one basis with a guitar player you love and admire. This may actually be the best way to gain some private face to face interaction with this person, short of being a friend or relative. Music lessons are a huge win-win situation for you and the musician, and it is another way for you to financially bolster a performer you love.

Being a Patreon patron of your favorite musician is another fantastic way to provide financial support. If you are not familiar with Patreon, Patreon is a subscription service that allows fans to pay their favorite musicians (or other types of content creators) a monthly amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive access, behind the scenes updates, extra content, or a closer look into their creative journey. Usually the musician has several monthly membership tiers available, which can start as low as $1 per month, and can go up to hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars each month. And as you might expect, the more you pay each month, usually the more content or stuff you receive. Exclusive inside information is a common perk. This can be done through VLOGs (video logs) or messages posted on the musician’s Patreon page which are only accessible to active patrons. Private Patreon Patron Only Facebook pages, and monthly online hangouts are other common offerings given to patrons. The online hangouts with the artist you support, usually done through Zoom, Skype, Facebook or some other video conferencing platform, are extremely cool! This allows you to directly interact with and actually see and talk to your cherished musician. This exclusive access can actually allow the musician to develop friendships with their most devoted patrons. Song covers and unreleased songs are other perks that are offered exclusively to Patreon patrons.

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