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New Metal Band Spotlight: Fellowship

"(Founded in 2019), Fellowship is a power metal band from Harwich, England, United Kingdom. Our aim is to make classic guitarey power metal in a way that doesn't make us cringe too hard. Also we dress like hobbits, so it's not going too well. Hopefully the music makes up for the silly costumes. ;P" (From: Fellowship's website)

Fellowship Band Lineup

Matthew Corry - Vocals

Sam Browne - Guitar

Brad Wosko - Guitar

Dan Ackerman - Bass

Cal Tuffen - Drums

Fellowship's website can be found at:

Fellowship's Facebook page can be found at:

Fellowship features phenomenal power metal guitar playing and is definitely worth a listen! Their guitar work reminds me of the many fantastic metal guitar wizard instrumental albums that were prevalent in the 1980’s. I absolutely loved and still love those albums!!!

You can find Fellowship's music video for their song "Glint" on YouTube at:

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