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New Album Review: Metalite - "A Virtual World"

In an earlier blog I spotlighted Swedish melodic power metal band Metalite which is one of my favorite current bands. I just received their fantastic new album "A Virtual World" on CD. Here is my review of their latest music.

I am a big Metalite fan, and overall this album was very entertaining to listen to. As with almost every album ever produced, some songs are better than others, but I enjoyed every song on the album. The songs that stood out to me were: "A Virtual World", "Cloud Connected", "Peacekeepers", the cool ballad "Alone" and "Synchronized".

Here is the YouTube link to the all the songs on "Virtual World":

A disappointment I had with this album was that they did not include two fantastic singles they released in 2020, "Hunting High And Low" and "We Bring You The Stars". These two songs were both excellent, and were frankly better than several songs that were on the album. "Hunting High And Low" was a cover of the awesome song originally done in 2000 by the sensational Finnish power metal band Stratovarius. I will be definitely writing a future blog about Stratovarius, one of the all time great power metal bands!

Here are the YouTube links to Metalite's singles "Hunting High And Low" and "We Bring You The Stars":

Metalite are:

Erica Ohlsson (Vocals)

Edwin Premberg (Guitar)

Robert Örnesved (Guitar)

Robert Majd (Bass)

Lea Larsson (Drums)

A Personal Plea: If you enjoyed this album, please make sure you buy it and/or buy some of Metalite's merchandise. And that goes for all bands that you like. Make sure you do something to help financially support your favorite musicians. Like the rest of us, they have to eat and pay their bills, which they can't do if too many of their fans are freeloaders. So crack open your wallet and buy a CD, a T-Shirt, or whatever. And buy a concert ticket when the band comes to a town near you, which will hopefully be in the not too distant future!

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