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Today's song recommendation is "Ava of Death" by ELEINE, which was released in October, 2020. ELEINE is a dark symphonic metal band from Sweden with a heavy and atmospheric vibe.

ELEINE was founded by lead vocalist Madeleine Liljestam & guitarist/growler Rikard Ekberg. Their first show was held in 2014 and the following year ELEINE released their self-titled debut album. ELEINE’s music is heavy dark symphonic metal with a unique and interesting spin.

ELEINE features the following members:

Madeleine "Eleine" Liljestam - Vocals

Rikard Ekberg - Guitar/Growl/Vocals

Jesper Sunnhagen - Drums

Anton Helgesson - Bass

The above information came from ELEINE's website which can be found at:

ELEINE's music video for "Ava of Death" on YouTube can be found at:

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