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Harper's Headbanging Hits

In an earlier blog I highly recommended the new song "Satellite", the third ever song release by the super fantastic new alternative metal band Dear Mother. Dear Mother is headquartered in The Netherlands and features the phenomenal musicianship and songwriting skills of guitarist Merel Bechtold, vocalist David Pear and drummer Joey Marin De Boer. Merel and Joey are best known for their stints in the veteran Dutch symphonic metal band Delain.

Guitarist Merel Bechtold has followed up Dear Mother's release of this song with a fantastic "Satellite" guitar play through video she did. Absolutely give this very entertaining guitar play through version a listen. Merel is an awesome guitarist, and her talents are very evident here. ALL of Dear Mother's releases are highly recommended, and this latest one is no exception!

Dear Mother's official website can be found at:

You can also find very cool Dear Mother merchandise for sale on their website.

Here is the YouTube link for Merel's "Satellite" guitar play through video:

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