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Dear Mother New Album Update!

Merel Bechtold, Dear Mother founder, songwriter and guitarist, announced on April 9, 2021 that Dear Mother's debut album is titled "Bulletproof". Here is what Merel said about their new album "Bulletproof":

"The album is going to be called 'BULLETPROOF'. To be honest it was quite hard to came up for a name of our first baby. 'Bulletproof' describes an emotion of overcoming a struggle.

The entire premise of the concept are the constant problems, difficulties and obstacles that shape us as people and makes us stronger, makes us grow and become bulletproof so essentially one will reach a point of invincibility." Bulletproof Tracklist: 1. Vertigo 2. Means To No War 3. 12 Years In Exile 4. The Ones Below 5. An Eye For An Eye 6. Soul For Hire 7. Symbiose 8. Satellite 9. Fade In 10. Heart 11. Invincible 12. Palace

"Bulletproof" is scheduled to be released by Dear Mother on July 16, 2021. Here are pictures of the front and back of the album:

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