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Bonus Sabaton!

Sabaton YouTube History Channel

In addition to making fantastic music with historical military themes, Sabaton also has another channel on YouTube where they discuss the actual history behind their songs. In the previous post I featured their new song about the Livgardet, the now 500 year old Swedish military unit still in operation.

On Sabaton's YouTube History Channel, here is what they wrote about the Livgardet:

"In 1523, Swedish King Gustav I. Vasa gathered 16 of his bravest and most loyal soldiers around him and appointed them to be his royal bodyguards. From this day on, the Swedish Royal Guards were tasked to guard the King and the royal family in their palace in Stockholm with their lives. Throughout the centuries the Royal Guard took on many names, outfits, and weapons, yet their mission remained the same. They joined the King on his military campaigns, protected him from assassins, and policed the royal estate."

Here is the YouTube link to Sabaton's video about the actual history of the Livgardet:

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