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Where To Buy Gas Masks

We offer only the highest-quality gas masks, PAPR systems, protective coveralls, and hazard detection equipment on the market to provide emergency preparedness, comfort, and superior protetion under the harshest conditions. We have many competitors, but when you shop with MIRA Safety, you are guaranteed total satisfaction with every purchase.

where to buy gas masks

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No. The most current advice provided by the Centers for Disease Control is that gas masks are not recommended for the general public. They need to be fitted carefully for each face, and there are different kinds of masks for different types of agents. Having or using a gas mask may offer a false sense of security. They can also be unsafe for children or people with asthma.

The chances that terrorists will turn to poisonous substances instead of conventional bombs are very, very remote. Various news reports have noted that citizens are opting to purchase protective masks as a way to defend against chemical or biological terrorism. There are several important factors to bear in mind when considering this option.

Gas masks capable of effectively protecting people from either chemical or biological agents are not a "one size fits all" purchase. At this point there are many different sizes and brands of masks available on the open market. It is critically important to make sure that the mask fits you properly---a loose gas mask defeats the purpose. Reputable dealers would be able to provide instructions not only on finding the right mask fit, but also on how to put it on, how to maintain it, and how to take care of the filters the mask uses as a barrier against microscopic particles.

In brief, no guarantees whatsoever are provided. More serious is the fact that the masks can be dangerous. There are reports of accidental suffocation when people have worn masks incorrectly, as happened to some Israeli civilians during the Persian Gulf War.

Smallpox was stamped out globally by 1980 and vaccination stopped everywhere in the world. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintain an emergency supply of smallpox vaccine. Currently there are 12-15 million doses in storage, and a program to produce more vaccine began a year ago. For more information on smallpox, go to

The best masks for emergencies are respirators because they prevent bad stuff from getting into your respiratory system. Bandanas, dust masks, and surgical masks are not respirators and are not something you should rely on in emergencies!

Disposable respirator masks, like the common N95 or P100 types, are the minimal acceptable protection in common emergencies. They filter out particles such as floating burnt pieces of plants and buildings, dust, and bacteria. But disposable respirator masks do not protect against gases and (most) vapors.

In Europe, the rating levels work a little differently:RatingDescriptionP1Filters at least 80% of airborne particlesP2Filters at least 94% of airborne particlesP3Filters at least 99.95% of airborne particlesThe EU also uses the letters FFP for disposable respirators and just P for the half- and full-mask respirators. So a US N95 disposable is equal to an EU FFP2.How do gas masks and respirators work?Without getting too sciencey, think of the basic difference between threats as whether the threat is a particle or a gas.

We like the very popular 3M 7500 masks for $20 (before filters). Reviewers love the downward exhalation valve, which keeps your hot breath from fogging up any glasses. A soft silicone face seal is more comfortable and does a better job of creating a proper seal than disposable masks. Model 7501 is small, 7502 is medium, and 7503 is large. Official spec sheet.

Pairing with the 3M masks above, we like the 3M 7093C P100 plus Nuisance Gas filter, which is around $25 per pair. It combines the normally separate particulate filter and gas/vapor filters into one relatively low-profile piece that reduces the awkward problems with half masks. Plus the hard exterior shell makes the filters much more durable than the common soft options.

So CBRN protective equipment has to be able to withstand radiation that acts differently than traditional fallout. Which is why some of the mask materials used have to be impenetrable, like butyl rubber rather than silicone, so that it can handle exposure for longer periods of time without breaking down. How we picked the best gas mask for saleTechnically full face respirators, gas masks get beyond the normal industrial and healthcare brands and includes military or emergency brands. Top companies (in no particular order) are MSA, Mestel, Honeywell / Sperian / North, 3M, Scott, Draeger, and Avon.

Because militaries like to use common standards across products, most of the good masks use NATO-standard 40mm threaded filter mounts. That makes it a lot easier to buy filters now and potentially find other ones after SHTF.

Many full masks have the benefit of multiple filter ports. We like the masks with three options, so you have more flexibility to run a cartridge on either cheek or straight down from your chin. You can switch depending on which side you shoulder a firearm. Sometimes you can run multiple filters at once, which makes it much easier to breathe (less resistance) and can balance the weight from side to side.

Vision is handled through a single large visor or two individual bugeye holes. A bugeye mask is a little easier to fold in half for storage. But we think the superior field of view in the single visor masks is worth the tradeoff. Plus, new materials like polyurethane lenses mean the full visors are almost as flexible as the bugeye versions.

Some masks can pair with a hood. It hugs tightly around the edge of your face mask, sort of like a poncho, and protects the rest of your head, neck, and shoulders from chemical and fallout radiation exposure. Best CBRN NBC gas masks when SHTFWhile it seems like there are lots of different military grade gas masks, there are actually only a handful we would trust with our lives.

The majority of masks found online are disqualified for being surplus, outdated, impractical, or dangerous low-quality clones. For example, too many preppers are depending on 50-year-old Soviet technology or filters made with asbestos or chromium!

3M sells an adapter that screws into 40mm filter ports, allowing you to mount the typical industrial-style bayonet cartridges found in most half masks, like the 3M 7093 and 60926 filters we recommend above.

MIRA Safety has been on a tear in the international market, becoming the mask of choice for many countries simply due to its cost-effectiveness. The masks they make are durable and proven, and the CM-6M hits the sweet spot of features at a reasonable cost. With a bromobutyl rubber construction and dual canister filters, this mask feels very similar to the well-known M50.

Our research narrowed the field down to the several gas mask brands and types that we tested: 3M, Avon, Dräger, Honeywell, MIRA, MSA, older masks (M-45, M-40, MCU-2P, Israeli, GP-5, MP5, etc), and more. (We had A LOT of gas masks already on hand.)

When you get the right blend of these, you can find reliable gas masks that will keep you protected through a CBRN emergency. Below, we break down what each of these features means for truly dependable masks that you can trust with your life:

Polycarbonate lenses are pretty standard, and protective inserts can increase longevity and prevent scratching on these. Larger lenses can also increase your field of view, which is why industrial masks (6800) and aircrew masks (MCU-2P) opt for the large single lens.

The canister for a gas mask is one thing that varies and directly affects how effective your mask can be. 45mm NATO canisters are commonly found, and NIOSH filters for 3M masks are also very common. Both come with multiple options depending on which type of material you are trying to filter. Typically, you will want the maximum level of protection out of your canister to maximize the effectiveness of your mask.

While all masks offer some level of protection against viruses and radioactive particles when they are correctly worn, their effectiveness against chemical weapons can vary. (Learn more about the chemical weapon threat profile here.)

None of the masks we have selected will help you breathe in an oxygen-depleted environment, like an ammonia cloud, smoke, confined space, underwater, etc. Your mask will need further modifications with a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) or Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) to handle those scenarios.

Oils from our faces and hands, dust, hot and cold temperatures, and masks getting mashed up in the case all take a hard toll on a gas mask. The quality and construction of a mask can help it handle all of these, with the materials and thickness mattering most.

Comfort is an under-rated aspect of a gas mask because people always seem to underestimate how long they will need to wear the mask. Some gas masks come in various sizes, and that can improve how comfortable a mask is (and make it fit properly!) Some even have the ability to swap out components, like nose cups.

Of course, you can always use masks for things beyond the threats above too- like concealing your face/identity or as a dust mask. Gas masks are more versatile than you may realize and warrant consideration for any prepper that can afford one.

We also stock gas masks and shoe covers to keep you protected. Preppers Shop UK sources equipment from a variety of suppliers, so have a look through our range and find the right choice for your prepping supplies, no matter what scenario you're prepping for.

Protecting yourself and your fellow employees should be your number one priority in the workplace. Working in a profession that can expose you to dangerous chemicals and gases increases the need to use proper protective equipment such as respirators and gas masks. Continue reading to learn more about choosing the right safety equipment between respirators versus gas masks. 041b061a72


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