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Mars Horizon

The HORSE reared its head (so to speak) during the formative days ofMars Observer in the 1980's, when T. Martin and H. Kieffer proposed to dosuch work. The suggestion was turned down at the earliest stages becauseno instruments, including the horizon sensors, had yet been selected. Later,T. Martin proposed again as a Participating Scientist, and now continuesin that role for MGS. Mars Observer, which carried an identical MHSA, failedupon arrival at Mars on a bleak day in August, 1993.

Mars Horizon

Mars Horizon was launched worldwide this month, available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation4 and Nintendo Switch, and is accompanied by a physical card came of the same name. The company aim to provide educational versions to schools in order to demonstrate the cooperative strategy needed to put large complex projects together. More Provided byEuropean Space Agency 041b061a72


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